Help with Flywheel/location of files

I migrated a site to Flywheel and now the user registration doesn’t work. I get a “need to enable cookies or Javascript” error. Talking to their tech support, they are saying it is because they don’t use the standard location for WP files, and I need to work with the plugin developer to point it to " /.wordpress".

This is what they said:

"This seems to point to the plugin having a problem resolving the location of WordPress on the server. On our Cloud platform, the WordPress core files are not in the root of the site, so if s2Member is using a relative pathing to find it from where it might be in a vanilla WordPress installation, it will not find it there. In the past, the only solution was reaching out to the plugin developer to see if they have an update or workaround available. Our recommendation in past tickets for the plugin dev is to take a look at the plugin file to account for the new location of the Wordpress directory: /.wordpress

I did find this KB article about changing the location of the S2 Member files, but not sure if that is the same thing, and it is 7 years old:

Has anyone else run across this or have any guidance on fixing this?