Help uploading documents that I want to protect

I am new to Wordpress and S2 member. I am trying to figure out how to protect documents so they can only be downloaded by members. I read most of the info under Download Options but I am stuck at the first step. How do I upload my restricted content here:
Upload restricted files to this security-enabled directory:

Do I have to use an ftp client? How do I find out what my login credentials are?

Thanks for your help!

You are correct. You need to upload your files to the S2Member special directory using a file upload program. You can use your CPanel file manager if on shared hosting, or the file manager provided by your hoster. If you are self-hosting then you would already have set up a FTP / SCP program to manage the server at the file system level. You can also consider a file manager plug-in.


These two plugins are old but still work fine. Use with caution though.