Help Retrieving Account

Hello! I purchased S2Member Pro quite some time ago and had it quietly running on a site, but I had to update all the plugins since the host is forcing PHP upgrades.

s2 Member Pro is asking me to log in so that it can do an update, but both the plugin and the website say my credentials are invalid. I tried a password reset on the site but the email address I registered under doesn’t exist anymore; we changed our domain name since then.

I can provide what my username and password used to be, as well as the e-mail address that was on file, and messages that were received at the same e-mail address courtesy of our message archiver to confirm my identity if someone will contact me by e-mail.

Thank you!

Can’t someone help? I am a paid customer with lifetime access to a site, but I can’t get to it because I can’t log in. I can’t file a support ticket because access to the support ticket system is locked behind the same paywall and everyone else has to use the community forum, where staff members may or may not respond or even read messages.

Didn’t anyone at this company foresee even the remote possibility of a login or password reset issue on their own site ever?!


Here is a screenshot from inside my dashboard of the error the program is giving me, showing that I am a paid customer who has the Pro product and an entitled to Pro support. I just need to get authenticated.

Hi Alex.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble and the wait.

You can reset your password from here:

What is your username? so I can take a look at your account to make sure everything’s fine there for you.


Hi Cristián!

Thanks for the reply. I did use the password reset feature but the e-mail address you will have on file for me no longer exists as the company that I was an employee of when I built the site was merged with another company. That is the problem. However my username was agallegos and if you send me an e-mail or PM, I can happily send you what the most recent password was, the e-mail address on file which you should be able to verify, and screenshots of messages that were sent to the same e-mail address to prove that I am the same licensee.

Thank you!

Hi Alex.

I see. I looked up your account. I see that the old email domain name is not in use anymore. I updated your account with the email address you used here in the forum, I hope that’s fine. You should have received a couple emails from the site, but you can go to the lost password page again to reset it.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hello Cristián!

Yes, that is perfect! I was able to get the plugin updated and working again on this site and it’s no longer broken. Thank you for your assistance with this!

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I am having a similar issue and really hope someone on the support team can help.

Like the OP here I had purchased some time ago and cannot login to my s2member account as the login says my account no longer exists. I registered a new account on s2member with the same email and username i had used when I purchased s2member.

I would’ve contacted support but the contact links are broken and there is no foreseeable way to contact them other than using the forum.

I still have my email receipts for my pro and network upgrade purchases and can use those as confirmation should it be necessary.

Hi! I sent you a private message about it so we can fix your Pro access. :slight_smile: