Help needed on various topics for S2member (pro)

Hi, I am struggling a bit to setup everything. I don’t find explicit docs on these topics, so maybe you can tell me.

1/ I tried a Redirect Custom URL with the [s2Member-Profile /] shortcode but it did not work. Is it normal? It works with the membership signup and on Unsubscribe shortcode, and I thought it would also apply it to this shortcode, but I may be wrong.

2/ More important, when I create a Level 2 test user, that I go on the user settings where I have put the [s2Member-Profile /] shortcode, and that I update the email via this form, I do receive a Wordpress email notice telling me the email was changed. Fine. Now, if I change the password, it prompts me the “Profile updated successfully.” message on this page, but I never receive the Wordpress notice for the password change. Is it normal? I use Stripe in Sandbox/test Mode, I have enabled the S2member log but I don’t see anything special. If it’s not normal, what should I look at?

3/ Then, a suggestion. With the Unsubscribe shortcode, when the user clicks on the Submit button, one can see a little animation for the operation to complete but surpringly, there is no message appearing on the page confirming the Unsubscribe action. I think something similar to “Profile updated successfully” could be shown, like “Your unsubscribe request was successful”, or something. Since there is nothing, I did a redirect with a Custom URL Redirection (success=…), but I said, it would be welcome if handled in the plugin.

4/ If a paid Member unsubscribes, then this user is demoted at the end of its EOT Period. But if before the EOT comes, the member finally changes his/her mind, he/she can subscribe again by subscribing again and remain a Paid member. From my test & the Stripe logs, it seems to be the expected behavior. I hope there is no multi-charging issues in those situation.

I am especially worried for item #2. Thanks in advance.

Hi Bert,

The s2Member-Profile shortcode doesn’t have that attribute.

Yes, that’s normal.

Thanks! Nice suggestion. I added it to the feature requests list with your vote.

The subscription that was ended would not continue when ended, so the new subscription would be the only one.

The EOT time is for the paid s2 access to content, it’s always later than the subscription’s end.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply, Cristián! For the sake of clarity, does this mean that when I go in “production mode” (Stripe not in dev mode anymore), the password change notice will be sent, or it’s just that this notice is never sent with S2member?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s not sent with s2Member since many years ago. See this issue for details:

I’ll see if it could be made to work in the future. I’m adding this feature request to my list with your vote.


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Oh I see, it’s a legacy issue. Thanks for the replies.

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