HELP - Member role is there, then disappears!

Hi there,
Perplexing problem - a member signs up, his role is defined in the backend, but then disappears after a day or two to leave the member with no role. Please advise asap!!

Today, another member who recently was renewed by PayPal but he was demoted to a free subscriber today. “Demoted by s2Member: Mon May 3, 2021 12:04 am UTC” – I looked at PayPal and he is paid up. Please HELP!!!

My client just lost 3 customers today because of this problem. One is reporting him to PAYPAL. I would appreciate it if someone could PLEASE get back to me asap.

Just a quick question… is this site’s Membership giving / taking access based on a user’s “Role”?

Yes. User role is correct at first, but then disappears, sometimes the complete registration disappears apparently.

My client has been trying to input the members by hand. PLEASE HELP.

Would this have anything to do with it:
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If you are implementing any Access Control List (ACL) or filters on IP addresses for the IPNs received from PayPal, we request that you add all the aforementioned IP addresses before May 3, 2021 .

Doing so will help avoid missing IPNs from PayPal.

Please, can someone get back to me?

OK, so now the members are disappearing from the site. PLEASE SOMEONE GET BACK TO ME!

OK, so could someone get back to me about why no one is getting back to me… please. We have an emergency situation here, where members are being deleted from the back end of my client’s site.