Help installing Pro for the non programmer

Hello, I’m trying to install Pro and have tried 3 different ftp programs (both mac & pc) and am not sure what I’m doing wrong? How do I target the correct directory (/wp-content/plugins/) for the upload to my site?

I can change the files location once it’s in C panel (as well as upload it directly) to the correct location but then I get this message: This is not a normal plugin, the activation link/status on the left is not relevant. This add-on activates automatically when its version matches the s2Member Framework’s version. And there’s no access to the Pro options…

Any tips for this newbie?

You install the free pluig-in and then you install the pro plug-in. The Pro plug-in is an extension to the free plug-in.

Ignore the “This is not a normal plugin, the activation link/status on the left is not relevant” message. That’s misleading. What the message is saying is that the plug-in is active as soon as it is installed and does not need to be “activated”.

It is something that should be corrected in the code but does not actually cause any issues…just some confusion.

Thank you for the response onepresstech. However, even though the S2member Pro shows up in my list of installed Plugins there’s no access or reference to the Pro upgrades (like Stripe, more than 4 member levels, etc.) also, when I enter the S2Member framework I still have the option to upgrade to Pro so I’m thinking it’s not actually installed?

Have a go at starting to configure the plug-in. It’s been a number of years since I installed a new S2Member (mine have been running for years on multiple sites with no real issues) but my memory is that you need to enable the stripe gateway for it to show up in the admin menu and the levels limit increase is an invisible change.

Go into your s2member gateway admin and see if you have a Stripe gateway option. If you do, then it is installed correctly. See

I only have the Paypal option, also only 4 membership levels

If you have the latest versions of the free and pro plugins installed and activated it should all work fine. I know that is small comfort because obviously this is not the case for you. Diagnosing / fixing this based on what you have reported would take someone technical to work through it on your site.

I would suggest you try one more time.

  1. Delete the free s2member framework plugin and the pro addon folders from the file system using your file manager tool.
  2. install the free framework plugin using the wordpress plugin installer AND activate it.
  3. copy the pro addon folder to the plugins directory using your file manager

Thank you for trying to troubleshoot for me, I appreciate your suggestions :)! Before I delete & reinstall everything can I ask,
How do I target the correct directory (/wp-content/plugins/) for the upload to my site? I think that’s the issue because when I use the ftp it doesn’t upload it to the Plugins directory. I’ve only been able to transfer it after upload from inside C Panel or upload it directly to the Plugins within C Panel. Thanks again for your help!

Who is your web-host? If you are using a Managed WordPress provider they may have some limitations in plugins and file management.


I will contact them since it seems to be something with the upload instead of user error, :sweat_smile: for three days I’ve been thinking it was my error… thank you so much for your assistance!

Are you using shared hosting or Managed WordPress hosting? See

The reason I ask is that it is quite possible that Namecheap managed WordPress hosting does not allow you to access the plugins directory through their file manager tool. You would need to contact them and discuss options. They may be able to upload it for you.

I will look into it, thanks again for your help!

No worries…let us know how you go. It may help someone else in the future who has the same issue as you.

Update - it’s working! With the help of my host, Namecheap over chat I was able to upload the entire zipped archive to my Home directory in my C Panel File Manager and it appears to be working like it should. I have access to all the payment processors as well as multiple levels of membership.

Prior to this I had unzipped files uploaded into the plugins and it didn’t work (following the s2Member install directions)? So not sure if it’s specific to my host or something that’s part of the newest WP version or what? Thanks again for your assistance onepresstech!

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Excellent news. Thanks for following up to let us know. Other Namecheap-hosted S2Member clients will now know how to get s2member to work.

@clavaque - you may want to update the installation page if you get a chance.

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@MIRR, I’m glad you sorted it out. I’m sorry it was confusing for you. I’m working on improving the whole installation thing and I’ll taking into account what happened to you. :slight_smile:

@onepresstech, yeah, I’ll be improving it, and the documentation. Thank you for your help, Tim! It’s very appreciated. :pray:

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It’s tough for you to carry this on your own. I’ll help out as much as I can. I appreciate all the hard work you do on this plug-in :slight_smile:

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