Hands-on help for client interaction emails

Hi there,

I’ve been using s2Member Pro for a couple of years now and have been very happy. However, I’ve recently upgraded my offerings and am unclear about the difference between “Signup Confirmation” versus Specific Post/Page Confirmation.

I’m also in a hurry, and will happily pay for hands-on help. I need a complete run-through and troubleshooting on all my offerings via s2Member Pro. Is anyone available for this?

Stephen Schettini

Hi Stephen. I could help you do that if you still need it. Let me know so I email you to continue in private.

About the confirmation emails, subscription is different from the specific post one. Specific Post/Page is a restriction applied to pages/posts that manage access without a user account, instead the access is encoded in the URL the person gets after payment. If you’re not using the Specific Post/Page restriction, that confirmation email is not something you need to worry about.