Handling users outside s2Member

Hi, I use s2Member to manage my subscribers for our digital publications.

Recently, I have installed a demo version of a plugin named Photo Contest.

But a big problem that occurs after I do a trial upload is that the photo contest plugin registers participants in my s2 Member subscription plug in at level ‘0’.

I don’t want that as I use the s2Member user list to give paid subscribers access to my digital publications (at different levels).

Specifically, after a contest entrant submits a photo, they are registered at ‘Level 0’ on my s2Member user list. Unfortunately that level gives registrants free access to all my digital publications :frowning:

I’m wondering if you have struck this issue before, and come across a way to solve that problem. Some way of diverting those entries away from s2Manager levels?

I was going to use a plugin like ‘User Registration’ and use their shortcode (which I can copy to the page where the Photo Contest plugin is located on our website) to save entries to a list in the Use Registration plugin. But I don’t want to do that if it would stuff up any new s2Member registrations? Would it?

Thank you, Roger

Something strange is happening on your site. By default, “level 0” is the same as the subscriber role, which (again by default) cannot gain access to anything protected by s2Member. So, unless you have customized the s2Member roles in some way, I’m guessing that the Photo Contest plugin either creates its own “level 0” or else customizes the subscriber role in some way. There’s no way to answer your question without knowing that information. You need to ask the developers of that plugin to find out.

Changing the registration form won’t mess up anything that s2Member does, but nor will it solve this problem, since the registration form that s2Member uses by default is just the regular WordPress registration form. Saving those who use it to a separate list won’t change how the roles behave. Which is again why you need to talk to the Photo Contest developers.

Got it Tim, thank you. I understand the point you are making and have asked the developers. Meantime I have disabled the plugin, so the underlying WordPress and s2Member subscription functions should now be functioning OK. Thanks for the guidance. Regards, Roger

Hi Tim, while I have not heard back from the other plugin developer on the foregoing, your comment about ‘Something strange happening on your website’ made me think about a few other things. I’m wondering if the way I have set up the levels is incorrect.

I don’t use level 0 at this stage, and I have 4 other levels where registration is required. They are:

  • Level 1 is a 14 day free trial of our digital magazine
  • Level 2 is a free digital subscription category giving ongoing access to the digital version for people who buy our print version
  • Level 3 is for people who have purchased the digital magazine subscription online, and
  • Level 4 is admin.

Level 2 is password protected. I share the password with print subscribers manually.

If you are able to share any insights on what you spot that is strange, I can dig into it. I have deactivated the Photo Contest plugin for now and am trialing RafflePress. Regards, Roger.

The only potential oddity there is level 4. If you mean “admin” to be somehow different from the regular administrator role in WP, then fine. But if it’s a role you’re giving to administrators, then it’s unnecessary and a potential cause of future headaches.

But I don’t think it’s causing your current headache, because that relates to level 0, which is the default WP subscriber role. Those with only that role should not be able to access any items protected at level 1 or above.

Thanks again Tim. I found a page where the signup should have been for level 1, but I had it set at level 0.That may have caused the issue you spotted. I’m just going through and testing everything now.

Meantime, with the admin role, that’s for the whole site (WordPress, s2Member, etc.) so sounds as if I can just remove that role from s2Member and still have all the admin functions I need. I must have misunderstood the need for it when I set s2Member up way back. Any traps I need to be aware of if I remove the Level 4 Admin role?

Thanks once more, Roger

Unless you’ve done something to customize the role, and no-one has been given that role, removing it shouldn’t make any difference to the site at all.

Thanks again!!

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Any chance you are using ccaps? If you assign ccaps to any WP user, they can access content that is only protected by those ccaps (and no s2Level restrictions).

For example, s2Level0 (subscriber, customer, etc) who have the ccap ‘myccap’ can access content that is protected by ‘myccap’ (and no s2Level restrictions). We find this to be a very useful way to use s2 - we use it extensively.

@milkmob Hi Mitch, thanks for the heads up on ccaps. It sounds as if it is a tool I could use for some of our subscriber cases. Ccaps is something I’m not familiar with though. I did a search but nothing popped up on the subject. Is there any chance you could point me at a link that would help my understanding on the subject? THanks again. Regards, Roger

Here’s the skinny for how we use s2:

  • We only use 1 membership level: s2Level1. I think the only reason we use it is to expire memberships. When membership is expired by the system, we don’t remove ccaps.
  • All content restriction is done with ccaps - they are excellent because they can be created and destroyed without registering them in the system.
  • Most of our content restriction does not involve “membership”, rather, it is to temporarily restrict pages related to event registration (we are an education organization). Again, s2 membership levels and ccaps can be used independently.
  • We have a custom import tool that we use to update ccaps (add/remove) and/or s2Level1 role for specified users (event attendees).
  • We don’t use s2 registration forms - We have customized the WooCommerce product page as the core organizational tool in our infrastructure. s2Level1, ccaps are assigned on a per product basis.


Thanks Mitch. Very helpful. It could be a solution to a few issues we are wrestling with. Appreciate your taking time to explain. Regards, Roger