Grandfather subscriptions

Hi, I sell an e-magazine online via our WordPress site. I am trying to figure out how to let subscribers who cancel still have access to the past e-magazines they paid for, but not to see (for free) any new future issues. Is it possible to do that? Thanks a lot, Roger

It might not be the solution you are looking for, but in case of an e-magazine, is there a way for the customers to download them? That way, even if they cancel, they would still have it on their computer?

Thanks Carole. That would work. They can actually download and print now. I could just send an email to suggest any expired subscribers should download what they need before sub expires (with a period of grace). Regards, Roger

I use s2Member to sell memberships that allow members to download PDFs. They can download as much as they want while their membership is active. But once it expires, they would need to renew if they want to download the PDFs again. No complaints after many years.

Thanks Stephen