Google Ads - Malicious software warning

First time post but this is a big problem. I have started using google ads a few months ago. Everything was running fine but all my ads are now suspended because of “malicious software”. Google have stated that:

In the recent scan we found the below malicious link.
"[ ]


I have removed the specific website concerned from the above quote.

Has anyone else come across this problem and fixed it? I am extremely worried by this.


Assuming you are the owner or administrator of the web server / domain in question…go to your Google Search console and it will tell you where / if Google thinks your site has any security issues.

That’s your s2member security badge see

I’ve been using AdSense and s2Member for years and have never had a problem.

A quick glance at the s2member code seems to indicate that the s2member badge shortcode [s2Member-Security-Badge v="2" /] returns some Javascript to the browser that includes a call to php code on the s2member site that returns a customized badge.

I would hit f12 key on your web site page that has the s2member badge and check the network traffic to see what s2member returns from its call to

My bet is that Google does not like that a request to a server is returning code (javascript) which, in-turn, calls a php file that returns an image file.

This is likely a false malware signature flag on the Google side.

Check your console and then complain to adwords. You are paying them money so I would hope their support would be responsive.