Getting " Invalid "custom" attribute" error after changing default URL to non www

Hi folks,

Before my developer left we decided to change our default URL to be without the www. Its only recently that I noticed that we are getting the “Invalid form configuration. Invalid “custom” attribute. When provided, must start with your domain name.” error. I checked the shortcode and it has the WWW on it. I also usdated it without the WWW and its still the same. What else could I do?

You should re-create all s2M payment forms and buttons - they include the domain name, and when you change it, you destroy the “backlink” for payments…

I have the same problem when moving the site to https. I changed the shortcode in the page, but still get the error. I can’t find away in S2member PayPal Pro Forms to change the url.

Try to clear all the caches and test again.

Thanks. I tried that. I still get the error.

Will need a “deeper look”… I sent you PM.

I am having the same issue. Getting an error message for the registration page:
Invalid form configuration. Invalid “custom” attribute. When provided, must start with your domain name.

And also after submitting the log in form I get an error page “The site can’t be reached”
This is the URL that should show:
When just copy/pasting that url, it does show the form but now with the s2member login page

Hi Dan.

You’re getting that error after submitting the registration form?

Can I see your shortcode for the registration pro-form? Did you verify that the custom attribute matches your domain? When you generate the pro-form, what value does it give for it?

This is the page, right? I tried it with a made up username and password, and didn’t get the “can’t be reached error”. Instead got taken to wp-login with the expected username error.