Getting Custom Field label and value pairs

How do I get the entire list of label|value pairs for a custom field to use in a custom form? I do not want the label|values for a specific user but all possible label|value pairs as defined in the custom field and as appear on the sign-up form.

I have been puzzling with this for weeks off-and-on.

Assume the custom field is named myinstalnamel_s2member_languages.
Now assume the label|value pairs are:
US English|1001-english
UK English|1002-english
Continental Spanish|1003-spanish
Latin American Spanish|1004-spanish
etc. (assume a lot here, not just a few)

I need to, in a custom form, get those label|value pairs to construct (I know how to do this) a custom form that, for example, shows the members who speak the selected language.

get_user_field and get_user_option return the PER USER values but not the full list.

Hi Shannon.

You can export the s2Member options from here: WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Import / Export > Options


Thank you Cristian. However, I need to access this data programmatically via, for example, PHP. I need to populate a custom form pulling the possible custom field options from S2Member Pro. I need something like get_user_field but perhaps get_custom_field_options where the return is the option value|label pairs (or something similar). I can’t seem to find this…

I think I understand what you want.

Have you looked at “/s2member-pro/includes/templates/members/member-list.php”?

I would think that using that as a starting point, you could build the results you are looking for.