Generate PDF of Member List

Can S2Member generate (in real-time) a simple PDF list of a the members in PDF format. Basically, the [S2Member -List] output to PDF rather than screen display/html?

Hi Shannon.

s2Member doesn’t have that PDF export feature, no. It’s an interesting idea, though. I’m adding it to my list with your vote. Do you mean it for anyone to download, or just you as the admin?


Thank you.
This would be a helpful feature.

My Specific Use Case(s)
The specific request is something perhaps like the S2Member-List shortcode (S2Member-List-PDF) that perhaps allows export to a PDF file. In the specific use case, members of an organization would login to the S2Member Protected Member Website. Then there would be a link to Member Directory (PDF). Then you would be able to either have a list like S2Member-List but a PDF option to export the membership list OR perhaps a direct link to a generated PDF.

I use S2Member for a membership site with older members. While it may sound old fashioned, some do not have ready or easy access to Internet connectivity or optimal technical skills (a person may assist them at a library for example to login). A PDF export for member lists provides a way to offer a print-out (I know old fashioned) of members so members can talk to each other by phone.

Use Case 2
I could also use similar functionality to generate Committee lists for another organization (also export to PDF) and similar features.

Use Case 3
If this is a generic API, then a CSV option might also be helpful as an export format–e.g., allowing export of a member list with names and addresses to then generate mailing labels or envelopes using LibreOffice or MS Office mail merges. Again, something like S2Member-List but with a new attribute such as export-as or something that would allow to specify the output format. ??

Thanks for the details, Shannon.

That’s an interesting use case. Thanks for sharing it. I had not considered it.


You may be able to do something close if you find a plugin that lets you print/export a wordpress page to a PDF, and try using it on the members directory page where s2Member-List is displayed… E.g.

Thank you again.
I worked on this over the weekend and, for now, list as much of the membership directory as I can. Then the staff can print-to-pdf for now. As a back-burner project, I want to look at this for the other reasons/use cases as well.

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Sounds great. :slight_smile: