Free Trial cancellation emails

I help with a site that offers monthly subscriptions with a 14 day free trial on registration.

On testing, I was able to cancel a membership during a free trial which is reflected in Stripe (shows as due to be cancelled at the end of the trial), still have access during the 14 days (which I assume is normal behaviour) but the user didn’t get any email notifications to inform of the cancellation, nor did the site owner/administrator, so without checking Stripe nobody would actually know that this has been cancelled.

Should there be notifications? If so, why isn’t it happening? Where do I check?


Any chance I could get some support on this please?


Hi Adrian.

With s2Member Pro you can create EOT notifications… Did you test that here? WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Stripe Options > EOT Renewal/Reminder Emails


Thanks for the reply. These are already set up, Enabled is “Yes”, X days is -5 and -1, and there is email content set up for both of these. However neither of the emails were sent, the site owner and the user both didn’t receive an email. Other emails get delivered i.e. new user registration etc… so it’s not a mail sending issue.


Thanks for the additional info.

I have just tested the reminder emails just last week again, and they work fine in a clean installation…

Did you check the user profiles to verify if they have an EOT time set there?

If those are set and the emails configured, they should be sent…

Could you add an email logger, so we make sure they don’t show up there and it’s not a spam filter catching them? And enabled s2Member logging, it may provide helpful info while troubleshooting. WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

I’d like you to create a separate copy of the site for testing, if possible. It’d be for testing plugin conflicts, which may likely not be possible in the production site. First deactivate all other plugins so that only s2Member and the mail logger are active if possible, and set things up and a test user’s EOT time, so a reminder email is sent as soon as possible. You can create reminders for -2 -1, 0 and 1 days. Then wait.

I want to see if with just s2 you can get it working. If it works, then you can add half the other plugins and test again, if it then fails, then remove half of those, etc. The idea is to narrow it down to just one that causes the behavior’s change.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Hi Cristian and thanks again for the reply, sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I got tied up on another project.

So I have just got round to testing this. I signed up as a new user, I am now on day 1 of the 14 day free trial. I don’t have an EOT time site in the Users, I thought this was because i’ve not paid anything yet and that once the first payment has been taken in 14 days time I would then have an EOT time but I have just read up on EOT and believe this to be normal behaviour because the subscription is active and therefore there is no end of term until the subscription is cancelled, correct?

However, I have looked at all the “Subscribers” (the people who were active and have since cancelled and been demoted to level 0) and none of those have EOT time’s set either, they have cancelled so I thought there would have been an EOT, does it remove itself once the date has passed?

Next, I have logged in as my test member and cancelled my membership, I didn’t receive an email notification that my membership has been cancelled (only confirmation on the screen when I clicked the cancel button) and when I logged in as admin afterwards there is still no EOT time, shouldn’t the EOT now be present with a date in 14 days time?

Thanks, Adrian

Right, after the EOT behavior, the EOT time is removed from the profile.

When the subscription is cancelled, the payment gateway notifies s2Member. What do your log entries for it say? If you didn’t have logging enabled, please enable it and repeat the test. WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

Thanks! :slight_smile: