Free course still requires credit card - stripe

I’ve created a 100$ discount coupon and we use the stripe pro payment forms. However, after the customer has added the code and applied it (shows $0.00) the box for the credit card is still showing and is still required. How can I make the credit card go away when the price goes to zero??

I have the same problem. s2Member Pro v191022 with Stripe.

Stripe integration is not working properly when applying a 100% discount code. Before now the ‘Billing Method’ section would disappear as there is no need to enter card details or process via Stripe. Now the section remains visible though the discount is supposedly applied. This means we cannot offer 100% discounts as things stand. Please advise.

Note also this problem is flagged on GitHub but there seems not to have been any update for an extended period.

Thanks for reporting this guys! Your feedback is very helpful.

I’m looking into it to reproduce and fix it, and there will be a release in the coming days.


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I’m experiencing this same problem on my development environment, and I can’t update my main site to the latest version of s2member until it’s resolved. Any idea when it will be fixed?


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Hi Sam,

I switched to using a PayPal Pro form and it worked. Something has changed with Stripe.

That’s not a fix, sadly, just a work around which doesn’t help. Cristián, do you have any update on this please???

We’re experiencing the same issue. Any word of a fix?


Hi Cristián,
I very much appreciate your work on this - finger crossed it’ll fix things or at least get some stuff working better again. We have a policy not to install RC software as our website is live and bringing in paying members. Hope it makes it through the tests and into a working version quickly and safely!

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Hi Cristian
I am logged in as a pro user but cannot download the ‘pro’ version of the RC on your link.

Hi Ian. Could you tell me your username, so I can review your account? :slight_smile: