Form not displayed correctly on wordpress twenty twenty

Hello, I really feel dumb to ask something like this but I couldn’t find a solution searching on google.
My purchase proforms are not showing correctly on wordpress twenty twenty theme.

The proform is showed to the extreme left of my screen, here is a sreenshot:

If anyone experienced this issue and found a solution, please help!
Thanks in advance

Have you set it into a section where you can use margins or padding? that is a WP design issue and why I won’t use that theme.

Hi Marie, thanks for your answer
I am moving my courses on a secondary domain for speed issue on main website, the wordpress latest theme seemed a good choice. Now, with your suggestion, I know where to search for answers to my problem.

Thank you very much!

You can set a custom class on any block in the WP editor. You can use that to adjust as needed.