FIXED: S2member-files error 500 after server migration

Hi Amazing people,

I’ve just migrated my site to a new server (clone) and it’s all working except for files in the s2member-files directory which give error 500 if you try to access them.

The same file in any other directory and it works fine.

I tried disabling s2member and deleting the .htaccess in the s2member-files directory, and then re-enabling, which regenerated the .htaccess. Still didn’t work. Also tried re-saving permalinks. No change.

Is this a plesk setting or something like that? What can I try?

Additional information - if I rename the .htaccess file in the s2member-files directory then the files open as expected. So it’s something about the .htaccess which is causing the 500 errors

FIXED: For those who want to know how this was resolved:

I turned off “Restrict the ability to follow symbolic links” and like magic it’s working