Fixed EOT same for everyone

I manage a sports club and I have two needs that I thought I could solve by buying S2 pro after reading this article:

Unfortunately the article is very old and refers to a plugin that no longer exists (EZphp). I tried to apply the advice from that article, using other plugins that allow you to insert snippets into pages, but it doesn’t work.
The php code has me a syntax error

and the php code portion inside the shotcode

(echo esc_attr ($ days_until_fixed_eot_time); [/ php] “rt =” D “rr =” BN “rrt =” “rra =” 1 “image =” default “output =” button "/])
is shown on the page as text.

I’m not good with the code and I just copy and paste what I find … I also imagined that buying the pro version of S2 I had access to a dedicated support but I could not find a contact form, so I want your help here.

our users pay a membership fee that expires for everyone on the same date. Is there any way to achieve this?
My other need is to be able to sell different memberships that are purchased by a single user, membership “packages”. it’s possible to do it?

Hi, actually ezphp is available, just not through wordpress plugin site. I talk about this, as well as introduce a perhaps better solution, in this past posting:

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