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We have been using s2member secure file browser plugin for while and it has worked great but recently has become problamatic. It appears to not be supported any more as well.

Does anyone know of a way we can track downloads in a similar fashion so we can track who is using our free download file on our website and know the email address and ip address, etc.

Any info would be great. Thank you,

I decided to nix Secure File Browser and use Download Monitor. Seems to do what we need.

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Can you post a link to Download Monitor? I had a quick look and did not find anything that would recognise S2Member proprietary stored data. Thanks in advance.

This is what I found and using with S2Member now. Download Monitor.

I just use the S2Member settings to lock the downloads down to members.

Blocked link

It gives us the logging we need to track downloads.

Have you tried to see if it tracks downloads of files accessed via the S2Member AWS S3 protected links mode or are you just tracking downloads of files stored on the file system of your server?

That’s why S2Member Secure File Browser was my go-to plug-in. It was the only one that tracked those.

FYI - I will be forking and updating the S2Member Secure File Browser in 2 months. I will update here once there is an upissue available.

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Hi onepresstech,

Any news about that updating?

Sorry Ray…still on my to-do list. I am still using it on client sites so I am still motivated to take it over. Just need life to settle back down again. WordPress getting re-engineered, PHP doing massive frequent updates, COVID-related work for clients, lots happening…too many things too little time :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I understand. We all are in the same boat.

So, if you have the chance to work on it, just let me know. :upside_down_face: