Feature Questions of s2member plugin


we are currently using Admiral and I was looking into Knowledge Database.

Could someone help with some feature questions please:

  • Is there a metered paywall system in s2member? Currently we allow certain daily pageviews before paywall kicks in and gets reset after 24 hours

  • We have mixed system - parts are inside and parts are outside Wordpress, we have a global script running, can s2member work for all pages independent of wordpress post types?

  • Once a user has an active paid membership after the login a cookie will be set. This cookie is used to disable ads at our ad network partner. Is there anything like a cookie by s2member or we need to build ourselves?

Thanks for any help here. Would be appreciated.


  1. Not really I think - except you mean the drip feature that is very basic in s2.
  2. No (though see 3.) it will only work inside your wordpress installation.
  3. Wordpress sets a logged in cookie - you could check for that cookie with other tools (just log what happens on login to get the details).

Thanks a lot Felix. Will check if there is something similar like s2member which has these features already.

The only cookie you can use is the wordpress_logged_in which then must come from the domain you want.

Here is the drip feature (or maybe I miss another function? I don’t know all of them):