Facebook pixel purchase tracking

Regarding the following information that s2member provides for Facebook pixel tracking…

AD BLOCKERS: If a web browser has ad blockers enabled (i.e., the web browser has an ad blocking extension or add-on), Tracking Codes from popular online advertising companies (including many affiliate networks) may NOT be shown. Ad blockers can prevent your Tracking Codes from being loaded in a customer’s browser. If you’d like to avoid this problem, consider integrating with s2Member’s API Notifications instead of with Tracking Codes. API Notifications occur silently behind-the-scenes (more reliably), whereas Tracking Codes are loaded in a customer’s browser. For more information, please see: s2Member → API / Notifications .

What is the best way or effective use cases for API/notifications to avoid issues that ad blockers create for tracking sales?

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Ad blockers shouldn’t affect the s2 Notifications. They could affect the Tracking, though. Pixel tracking would go in the Tracking one. WP Admin > s2Member > API / Tracking