Facebook login integration attempt?

Im aware facebook login isnt officially supported by s2member.

I have pro forms setup for levels 1-4 and paid memberships are all setup. I am focusing on the free subscribers now. I was wondering if I could add facebook login to buddypress forms (since s2member allows free sign ups for level #0)

Whenever I try signing up through facebook with s2member on, s2member will block the registration and send back to the homepage. Facebook login works when I have the s2member plugin off. On my facebook plugin, I have it set as a “subscriber” role upon registration because I believe this is the role attached to level 0. The plugin I have says it supports buddypress integration, so the facebook login/registration button can show up on buddypress registration forms. Im about to ask my client to upgrade our plugin so I can add that feature, but Im afraid that the registration button will not go through with s2member security in place (like how it just redirected me to homepage instead of letting me register)

So I want it set so that level 0 subscribers can sign up through facebook quickly. Then I have the pro-form separate for anyone who just wants to sign up for full membership right then and there.

I am using mini orange as the facebook plugin. I really hope this makes sense, just starting out so any help would be greatly appreciated.