Extras when purchasing membership

I have a need for members to purchase a membership level, such as Student, Pensioner or Ordinary, but then be able to purchase an extra option, like a yearly subscription to a magazine, so for example, purchase ordinary membership ($75) and then select to purchase the printed magazine ($20), therefore paying a total of $95 when they enter in their credit card details. Is this easy to set up? I’m about to purchasse S2member Pro, but I need to know this can be done before I spend the money. Thanks

You would use a combination of subscription levels for content access that is tiered. You would use custom capabilities for variants.

See the following video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F91xzrmq-Q

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I have a similar question - thanks Tim for the video link but I didn’t really follow what was being suggested, so thought I’d ask again.
My use case is that I need students to purchase an annual membership, and I currently use S2 Members levels for that. But after they’ve purchased the membership (£20 a year), I then need to ask them to choose between two packages of instruction - one gives them access to content for one person, the second gives access to protected content for more than one person, with different prices as you might expect. (the second one gives discount compared to the per capita package of instruction.)

My ideal scenario is that the person takes out a membership (one transaction a year, £20) and then goes on to enroll in the relevant package (£20 a month, they sign up for one month at a time). However, because I’ve set up a hierarchy of levels, the backend dashboard only shows me the number of people who have signed up to a package - not whether or not that person has already paid for a membership. Because S2 levels are based on Wordpress roles,like subscriber, or editor etc it doesn’t look as though you can have people with two roles at the same time, as it were. It’s a one to one relationship, whereas what I’m looking for is a one to many - ie one student, two products (membership, and then instruction on top).

It’s proving quite challenging to understand from S2 member who has a live membership (paid their £20 a year) and who has only just signed up for a package (at £20 a month). Does anyone out there have any ideas on how I could achieve my use case with S2 Member?

Hey Stephen, @Phrasemaker

You hit the nail on the head. I can’ think of a way to handle your dual membership issue. Ccaps will no work because they follow the annual membership.

After the initial subscription… The only thing I can think of is making the ‘monthly’ users purchase access to a page or pages via ‘buy now’ with a limited amount of time (30 days) for each purchase. This is ugly because they have to use the buy now link every access but would work. I think. Your annual ‘full’ members can be elevated to the level that would not need the monthly access.

Not pretty but it is a limitation of following the WordPress format. Hate to say it but I think that you will have this issue in any WordPress plugin. Maybe you need to rethink the subscription model?

Sorry I could not think of anything better.

Hi @Phrasemaker - it appears that you are looking for hierarchical subscriptions. That’s not going to happen. The s2member, and most / all other payment-related plugins, pass through a subscription request to the payment gateway via API call to trigger the payment’s gateway native subscription tracker. No payment gateway I am aware of supports hierarchical subscriptions.

What you are looking to do would require custom code.The link to the video above is the closest you will get out-of-the-box. @clavaque (plugin author) may have another suggestion.

thanks for your resonse @onepresstech
I can see why it’s a challenge to try and meet the use case. My latest thought is to treat the annual membership like a product, and sell that through my online shop, leaving the monthly membership products to be handled by S2Member. Meanwhile I’ll stick Custom Capabilities on my list of things to be investigated at some point…it’s getting to be quite a long list, there’s lots you could learn, isnt there?

thanks for taking the time to reply @Debbie. Latest thinking is that I’ll do the annual sub as a product in WooCommerce, handling the renewal stuff manually, and use S2Member for the monthly subs, where there are lots more renewals going through on a regular basis. My brain is getting a good workout, encountering new stuff and trying to work out how to apply the concepts to my needs!

No worries. Honestly I have a feeling you are over-complicating your life. Just a suggestion but I would just re-do the pricing model. I would make a suggestion but I have no idea what a “one gives them access to content for one person, the second gives access to protected content for more than one person” means? Why would an individual pay for more than one person and how would you imagine tracking that! If you could explain the multi-person subscription a bit more I might be able to give you a simpler solution than what you are looking to put in place.

It’s not content protection so much as charging for access to Zoom training/ and access to a library of instructional videos. The business model didn’t change when we were forced online because of lockdown. The sign up page might explain things better for you @onepresstech. It’s JKA Karate East Lothian. .
We have a lot of families training together and in that scenario, parents often pay for two or more people (and get a discount as a result) in their own family.
I put this together to try and save something out of the spring and summer for my club. I appreciate it’s not your conventional S2 Member use case, perhaps. Open to ideas on how we can improve things and cut down on the number of manual processes we have to operate at a time when we’d all just rather train!

It looks like you have three subscription prices depending on the number of people in the household.You can do that by having 3 subscriber levels.