Exported CSV has data in wrong columns

When we export our users’ data and open the CSV file, there are several users who’s information is not in the correct column. For example, column ‘X’ will have custom field for [what vehicle make they drive] (for example), but, the user’s phone number will show up there.

Anyone experience something like this before?

Yes, I just tried an export and found a problem whereby certain users have part of their address (like city) starts a new line in column A. Looking in the extract file, it appears that people entered their address in a box and added a CR/LF to start a new line like this:

PO Box 123
MyCity, St 12345

So I guess I’ll have to strip the carriage returns from the file.

It appears that commas in a filed like an address are handled properly, but not hard carriage returns and linefeeds