Export Users - Easy to Read - New Version (Advanced) Broken and exporting reimportable instead

Hi! Just letting you know the new “advanced” version (new default) isn’t giving an easy to read export ad expected when that option is selected, but it’s just exporting the “ready to import” version instead. :grimacing:

Thanks again!

What do you mean? I don’t have a problem with the advanced exporter…

Just tested it again, and it went fine, and opened it with LibreOffice Calc.

What setting are you using to export it, and how are you trying to open it?

You can export just a handful of users and send me the file privately so I take a look.


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It does export but not “easy to read”. It exports for reimportation no matter which CSV File Preference I pick if he Advanced is on.

The “easy to read” only gets downloaded if “advanced” is off.

Also, I use the BOM on, since it’s better for MS Excel.

Okay… Well, try the re-importation one instead of the easier to read. It’s not that bad once you inspect it, it’s mostly changing the headers, and you can figure them out. The headers need to match the names in the database, so they can be reimported, so they’re IDs instead of more formal titles/names.


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I did. The problem is they both export the “ugly format” that has tons of information condensed into brackets, together, instead of all the data properly tabulated on separate fields.

Thankfully the “non advanced” option is still there (even if it doesn’t import all fields like CID) so I can use it with when I import data into my MS Access Database.

It’s not the header that differs only, but the content is entirely different as well.

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Ah, I see, you’re talking about the serialized arrays. Right.

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Yes. They’re all over the place while the “non advanced” easy to read is the only one that’s actually easy to read (and process with each information on a separate field instead of having arrays all over the place LOL).