Export to CSV and timezone dates


I have just identified (at least I think) that having set a timezone in Wordpress, the S2 Export options Simple and Advanced treat the user registered date in different ways. The Simple export has the date in “Registration Date” field (column) and does not convert the date to the timezone specified and the Advanced export has the date in “user_registered” field (column) and it is converted to the timezone settings.

As we have member registration data that goes back to early 2010 and the registration date is system generated, we have these dates in pre and post timezone conversion which is a real pain when doing analysis. Why does the Simple export not do the timezone conversion? Are these two export options exporting the same field?

Our preference is for our office admin staff to use the Simple export as there is far less irrelevant data for them to contend with.
Yes I know the data can be exported via Advanced export, corrected and then imported, but that’s not the point.
Would appreciate advice on how best to handle this matter.