Export filtering of EOT

I’m using all export and their tech support suggested I contact s2 to find out which element is used to identify members without EOT we want to filter based on the EOT also to alert members who may expire before our quarterly newsletter is sent so they may renew

Could you please contact the developers of s2Member and ask them what criteria we can use to find the members with no EOT in the database?

Hi Joe.

If the user doesn’t have an EOT time set, he won’t have a row in usermeta for it.

So you would search for all users that don’t have an EOT row in usermeta, that have have an s2 level 1 or higher. Those with role Subscriber (a.k.a. s2Member Level 0) would not normally have an EOT time set, since that role is what they usually get on free registration, or the one they get demoted to after EOT.

Searching for the capability access_s2member_level1 would probably be enough, instead of checking for every level, since access is incremental by level and higher levels would have that capability too. https://s2member.com/kb-article/s2member-rolescapabilities/

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: