Explain EOT, Levels and ccaps

Sorry for the question, but I didn’t find any sure answer:

If I want to sell something via ‘ccap’ AND Subscription in one instance (“Special product access X with ccap + subscription Y with LEVEL), then eventually the customer reaches EOT, and her LEVEL access is gone, will he reatain her ‘ccap” access?
This is my exact intention: “Buy this for $X, and you get on month membership for $0, then it will be $Y monthly, any time you can cancel your membership, and you still retain your product X nevertheless”.

I hope the distinction between ccap and Level Subscription works in this way, I am just not sure. Thanks for your help!

EOT should remove ccaps too. But it depends on a setting, you can have it on or off.

You get the screen above when opening your PayPal Options, then “Automatic EOT Behavior”.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, yes, it is clear. I have set it to “NO”, EOT then shouldn’t effect ccaps.
Super, I am happy!

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Awesome. You can actually test it out. Upgrade one account (dummy, so you don’t annoy a subscriber with EOT emails). Save. Set the EOT to now. Save again.

Wait for the system to run the EOT routine (or use yourwebsitedomain/?s2member_auto_eot_system_via_cron=1)

Check how the profile looks after refreshing the page (without saving again, of course).

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