Exclude attribute not working before search

I have a list with search enabled and the exclude argument doesn’t seem to work. The excluded IDs don’t show AFTER a search is performed, but they do show on the full list BEFORE the search.

How can I ensure they don’t show before the search?

Shortcodes I’m using are:
[s2Member-List-Search-Box placeholder=“Search for a therapist using keywords…” /]
[s2Member-List enable_list_search=“yes” show_avatar=0 levels=“3,4” exclude=“909,1047” rlc_satisfy=“ANY” search=“private” search_columns=“first_name,last_name,display_name,city, county,s2member_custom_field_county,s2member_custom_field_city,register_professional,s2member_custom_field_register_professional” show_fields=“phone,city,county,email,Website:user_url,Professional Register(s):register_professional,Client Groups:client_groups” orderby=“last_name” order=“asc” /]