EU VAT ID / MOSS regulation tax calculation

After looking around in the different forums and kb articles, I cannot find anything, how to implement the EU VAT regulations in s2member. I need this for B2B and B2C scenarios.

At the moment, I cannot find any way to build in the EU tax stuff. Is there any solution, workaround, or 3rd party tool already in place?
What option do I have to solve this?

If I missed something, please give advice and close the topic.


Arved has s2 Support

Thanks, but this will not help me, because this just calculates the taxes after payment. our pricing is excl. VAT. So we need something that increases the price with the tax amount, if appilcable.
Are there any other options, integration to calculate the correct amout (price plus tax) before payment?


No - you cannot calculate taxes beforehand - at least if your turnover is over 100.000€. Because you need the credit card country - and other customer data - IP is not enough! So calculating it afterwards is the only likely way - except by storing credit card first - then in a second step checkout - something s2 does not support.