Essential Grid is not compatible

I have been experiencing a lot of EMPTY_RESPONSE errors while using CometCachePro (also happens with the free version). After spending a couple days diving into this, I realized this was due to the Essential Grid plugin simply being active.

I wanted to make the plugin authors aware of this issue and also let other users be aware of the problems that Essential Grid will cause if used with CometCache. It’s very sporadic and difficult to isolate but in the end, Essential Grid is the nemesis. Hopefully this will save a few people some headaches.

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Thank you very much for the heads up! Have you tried contacting the Essential Grid developers to see if this is something they can fix for you? If their plugin is having trouble with Comet Cache, it’s likely that it’s not compatible with any WordPress caching plugins.

We have already moved on to another plugin as Essential Grid was too problematic. We have informed the developers and made a post here to help others that may be experiencing the same issues because isolating this was not a fun task.

Essential Grid states they are compatible with other caching plugins but our testing has proven otherwise. This plugin has affected two different sites with the same issues. Removing that plugin solved the issues and now our caching works as expected. Hopefully they will fix their issues in a future release.