Error: "Your order was received" ( on Pro)

I just updated to the new 190617. Since I use, this meant I needed to use the Signature Key. I decided to test this by creating an s2member subscription, with as the payment option.

At first, I kept getting errors about an AVS mismatch. This is correct; we have strict security settings on

But when I finally got the correct address in there, the message was:

Error #252: Your order has been received. Thank you for your business!.

Image here:

This seems really confusing. And especially dangerous for a brand-new client.

I wouldn’t be surprised if is simply sending this along without any kind of “success” flag, and a solution might needed to be hard-coded with a list of “error” messages that should show as success. But, I don’t know.


Hi Bill.

Wow, what a weird message. Yes, it’s confusing. Is it an error or a success? lol

Could you please enable logging, reproduce that behavior, and show me the relevant entries from the log files, please? WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

I look forward to your update. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Found a relevant post about this error on another site:

If you see the response from Authorize.Net “Result Reason Code: 252 - Your order has been received. Thank you for your business!” this indicates that you have the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite turned on for your Auth.Net Payment Gateway.

When this response is received by us, the system will interpret this code as a decline, even though the transaction may be approved by the gateway. For this reason, it is recommended that this setting is turned OFF in your gateway to prevent the possibility for multiple charges being issued to a customer unintentionally when customer declines are resubmitted.

Could you try that and see what happens? :slight_smile:

Right, error 252 could mean that it’s been held for review. Since it’s not the default message when it’s a success, it seems to confuse s2Member.

Hi @clavaque ! Thanks for your quick responses and great research.

So, we do have the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite turned on, but unfortunately, I should not turn it off. Our site has been hammered in the past with false transactions, and when I contacted, they told us to turn it on.

I did check our records on, and this transaction which I thought was a success was not – it was an error. said it was holding the transaction for possible approval, but when I tried to approve it, the system didn’t accept it.

I guess thinks it’s smart to try to trick the enterprising fraudster with this bogus “success” message… that still has an error code. :wink:

I tried again with a different credit card, and this time it worked fine, the first time. I got the correct success message.

So, I’m not sure what to suggest here. Since chooses to pass an error code with a deceptive/confusing/ambiguous message, it’s up to you how s2member should handle it.

Thanks again for being so responsive! I really appreciate it.

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No problem!

Yeah, it’s tricky. I guess that I will not remove the error message, since it’s what’s being delivered by Authorize.Net. Good to be aware of it, though. Maybe an additional message could be added to describe it better, though. First it’ll require understanding well what Authorize.Net means, though. I guess that it being so rare, we can wait for a bit before deciding it.

Please do let me know your experience with this message if it happens again in the future, and any additional info you get, it’ll be appreciated.

Let me know when you need help again. :slight_smile: