Error with Paypal Auto-Return URL

I will do that as soon as I get their response. It took a week last time.

A workaround for this problem seems to use the PHP syntax <?php do_shortcode('[s2member shortcode]') ?> instead of Wordpress shorcodes in pages/posts.
I have always been using this method myself and do not have a similar problem.

Ok, so paypal contacted me today and said the following:
We got an update from the product team that the issue has been resolved. Would you please check and confirm us that the issue has been resolved or not?

I no longer have paypal, so can someone else test? Thank you

not working on my site with same issue…

Thanks for the update! I haven’t tested yet, but I don’t think the issue is fixed. Still seeing double payments for customers through PayPal. (They purchase and then pay again since they get the error.)

I’ve got the same error appearing with all new memberships and have been desperately trying to resolve this issue for a couple of weeks now. It’s still happening this week, including this morning, so can confirm it definitely is not working. Time for me to jump ship to another membership plugin I think as I can’t carry on like this

Could you show me the entries from the s2Member logs for these transactions that had a problem? Please obscure any sensitive information.

Does it happen with every transaction or only some? Can you find a common denominator between them? Can you reproduce the problem consistently? If so, could you try reproducing it in a clean WP installation with just s2Member added?

@GDUKMum same for you. It’d be great to isolate what is causing this to happen in your installations, since it doesn’t seem to be happening to everyone.

I look forward to your updates. :slight_smile:

Hi Christian,

It’s sooooooo good to see you here! I don’t have logs enabled since the site is very active and I’m concerned about security. I haven’t had anyone report the error recently and I’m not seeing double payments anymore. I’m assuming the issue was with PayPal and perhaps it was resolved.

That’s great! I’m glad that’s back to normal. Yeah, from what I’ve seen reported, it seems to have been a glitch on PayPal’s side.

Well, next time you see it acting up, enable logs so we have more data to diagnose. It’s not a problem to use logging when needed. Just use them while troubleshooting and, when you’re done, remember to disable logging and remove the logs from your server.

It’s good to see you, too. :wink:

I’m still seeing the error consistently on my site. I’m using a s2 generated paypal button. Payment completes, without issue but the
ERROR: Unable to verify $_SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”]
is returned to the customer and they do not get a confirmation email.

I then have to go into paypal, grab the transaction ID, generate a link and manually send to customer.

Would appreciate your assistance!

If you have logging enabled, could you show me the related entries (obscuring any sensitive info).

If not, could you enable it and reproduce the problem to get some logs?

Also please show me the shortcode for the PayPal button having this problem.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

moving to a private message to send this info.

Thanks, got them.

Could you please use this and tell me if it throws any errors or warnings?

posting the one error from the server scanner:

The following issues were discovered…
Error[ERROR] cURL Extension / Or fopen() URL
One or more HTTP connection tests failed against localhost.
Cannot connect to self over HTTP — possible DNS resolution issue.
Can’t connect to:

In order to run s2Member, your installation of PHP needs one of the following…
• Either the cURL extension for remote communication via PHP (plus the OpenSSL extension for PHP).
• Or, set: allow_url_fopen = on in your php.ini file (and enable the OpenSSL extension for PHP).
Please consult with your web hosting company about this message. See also: WordPress recommended hosting platforms.

same error on test https page and test email was sent but not received:

Pass[PASS] PHPMailer Class (Test Email Msg.)
We sent a test email message to . No errors/exceptions were thrown, leading us to believe the message went through successfully. Please check your email to confirm.

Interesting… Thanks for testing that.

Could you fix it and try the test purchase again?

I look forward to your update.

fixed the error by adding the line allow_url_fopen = on to php.ini

same error upon return to site when i tried the transaction again:
_ERROR: Unable to verify $SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”].
Please contact Support for assistance.

If you are the site owner, please check the custom value in your Button Code. It MUST start with your domain name.

Thanks for the update.

Hmm… I’m sorry it’s taking me a while to figure this one out. But I’m not giving up.

Have you tested using a custom return URL in the shortcode? I remember seeing mention of someone having success with that attribute to avoid the error you’re getting, for some reason.

I am guessing you already did all the common troubleshooting steps?

One thing I’d try at this point, just out of the fact that only a few users are reporting this problem out of thousands of installations, is to install in a separate server if you have it. I know the server scanner now clears, but maybe there’s a factor it’s not catching, I don’t know…

So, if you have another host to test with, could you try installing a clean WP there with just s2Member, configure it with PayPal, create the same button, and test a purchase?

what sort of custom return url would you suggest? not sure what you mean by that. thanks!

It’d be a thank-you page where the user lands after paying. See the documentation here: WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Buttons > Shortcode Attributes Explained > success

I don’t know if this will change the behavior your getting with the custom attribute, but is so simple that it’s worth a try.

If not, please let me know how the rest of the troubleshooting actions go. :slight_smile:

Has this issue been resolved?.. I’m having the same problem.