Error when clearing cache

Hello !
Since month, when I clear the cache of my site, i have, not every time but often, following error message. So I have to clear the cache again, most time : same message. I have to do the clearing 2 o 3 times before it works. And I have to do it to not having problems on the frontend.
I asked my host and he said I have to ask the plugin developper. It has something to do with “race condition” and NFS, thats too complicated for me.
Can you help me ? And sorry for my english
Here is the message

Warning: rename(/datas/Vol1/Ma130541/Var/www/fncta-midipyfr/wp-content/cache/cometcache/cache
a •77f6b90eb311168511-tmp,/datas/Vol1/Ma130541/Var/www/fncta-midipyfr/wp-content/cache/cometcache
/cache): File exists in /datas/voh/vpla130541/var/www/Mda-midipyfr/wp-content/plugins/comet-cache-pro/src
findudes/traits/Shared/CacheDirUtits.php on line 225

Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Unable to delete files. Rename failure on tmp direct°, -/clatas/Vo11/w4a130541
plar/www/fncta-midipyfr/wp-content/cache/cometcache/cache-5a2677f6b90eb311168511-tmp’. in /datas
/CacheDirUtils.php:227 Stack trace: #0 /datas/Vol1/w4a130541/Var/www/fncta-midipyfr/wp-content/plugins/comet
cache-pro/srclindudes/traits/Shared/CacheDirUtils.php(276): WebSharks\CometCache\Pro\Classes
\AbsBaseAp->deleteFilesFromCacheDir(’/,ui., false) #1 /datas/Vol1/w4a130541/Var/www/fncta-midipyfr/wp
content/plugins/comet-cache-pro/srclindudes/traits/Shared/CacheDirUtils.php(61): WebSharks\CometCache
\Pro\Classes\AbsBaseAp->deleteFilesFromHostCacheDir(’/,ui.) #2 /datas/Vol1/w4a130541/Var/www/fncta
WebSharks\CometCache\Pro\Classes\AbsBaseAp->dearFilesFromHostCacheDir(’/,ui.) #3 /datas
/Vo11/w4a130541/Var/www/fncta-mid in idatas/voh/w4a130541/var/www/fncta-midipyh/wp-content/plugins
/comet-cache-pro/srçandudes/traits/Shared/CacheDirUtil.php on line 227

@plow Unfortunately this is a host-related issue. Some web hosting companies use file systems that cause problems with atomically reading, writing, and deleting files in the cache directory and when one of those problems occurs, and Comet Cache is unable to delete or rename files, you get this error.

My recommendation is to either try a different web hosting company or work with your hosting company to see if they can resolve the issue.