ERROR: Please agree to the terms and conditions

When I pay through paypal and it returns me to the website to register I get this error: ERROR: Please agree to the terms and conditions, but no box appears to mark that option, only the record of the person who paid appears, here I leave some examples with the photos so that you can see it and help me solve the problem, thanks for your time

Hi Edwin.

edit: I see there are links to two screenshots, I now saw the error.

I don’t think it’s s2Member throwing that error… s2 doesn’t require agreeing to terms and conditions. You can create that checkbox with a custom profile field, but it doesn’t look like you did.

My guess is that you have some other plugin adding that requirement. Did you try testing for this? Could you try deactivating other plugins and testing again? Do you have a plugin that affects login/registration?

I see on your site that you have a custom login form on your front end, and even a lost password tool outside of wp-login. I’d first check whatever is adding those.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Thank You so much, yes was a plugin the problem, that fix my error, thank you so much for your help

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