Error: Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner

I am a stripe pro user, one of my users tried to register and it gave him

I tried in testing mode and it all went well, I could see stripe had received his request and declined it for insufficient funds on his card, but he wasn’t notified with that instead he received that error. I tried using a random number and see what will happen, it gave me the same error about invalid parameters, even stripe is replying with incorrect card number in the logs in S2 logs and on stripe website. So those errors are not showing to the user in the registration page.

Hi @ajammil.

Thanks for reporting that! I have it in my list now. Working on some improvements for the Stripe integration and will release them soon.


Can confirm this.

This is an urgent issue for us, @clavaque

We’ve got a large site and every couple of customers are experiencing this same error. Can’t proceed.

Can you please make this one a priority? It hurt our Black Friday sales.

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Thank you for all the hard work you put into this plugin!

We see this on our side, and it is an issue for us too. Do you think this will be fixed in the next release and is there an ETA for the next release?

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Yes, it’s at the top of my list. Working on a few things at the same time. :pray:

Hi clavaque, do you have an idea how far we are from the next release? Like is it days/weeks/months? I understand that it takes as long as it takes, I would just like a rough idea so I can plan things on my side.