Error in S2 Payments log - Invalid orderby parameter used

I was adding fields in the screen options for the new S2 Payments log plugin and now have “Invalid orderby parameter used.” And plugin is broken?

Hi Stephen.

I have not seen that in all my tests, so I’m very interested in the steps needed to reproduce the behavior, please! Could you tell me what fields those were? What should I do to get the same result as you mentioned.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Hi Stephen.

After trying a lot of things, I finally found how to reproduce what you described. Basically, your log was sorted by one of the columns, and you removed that column from the table. I’ll add a check for that to avoid the error message in the future, thanks for catching it!

But until I release the update, the solution is very simple: you just remove the “orderby=” part from the URL and hit enter. Actually simpler, even clicking on another page and then coming back to the Payments Log would also work.

Thank you for your help noticing that! And I’m sorry it inconvenienced you. :pray: