ERROR AGAIN: Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner

Hey there, I’m trying to integrate Stripe payment for my membership site and it seems to be an error on the integration between s2Member and Stripe. I’m using PayPal integration with s2Member Pro for 9 years now and never had any problem…

Stripe integration is something new on my site and this is the second time I’m attempting to get it done with several tests LIVE and TEST MODE, using a real credit card every time and all transactions give the same result:

Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner

I found several articles at this forum from few months back talking about the same issue, however, none of the articles mention a way to fix this, mostly are related to s2Member’s updates to fix it, however, I’m running the latest Version 200301 of s2Member Pro as of today according to your Changelog, so, I’m not sure what else I should do.

I followed all the steps required mentioned at this article: Added both API KEYS TEST, secret and publishable and added the webhook via the END POINT at Stripe side.

Logging report is enabled and I can see the transactions being processed at both ends, however, I have no idea how to read the reports and even solve the ERROR.

Can you please help me? or at least direct me to where I can find information how to solve this?.

Thank you.

Hi Gabriel.

That could be from a failed attempt to add the card to the customer, for example. There are many possible errors during checkout, and s2Member can give more specific details for most, but there are some cases where the message is still a bit generic.

In the Stripe logs, one would be able to find more info on which of the checkout steps failed.

When you get that, is it always with the same card, or any card gives you the same? And are these live payments, or test? For tests you need to use the test cards from Stripe.

Are you able to complete payments and only some give that message, or do you always have the problem and can’t complete a payment?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Hey there Cristián,

Thank you very much for your reply and help.

Yes, you were right about my test, I used a real CC and that was the error…

I did test using the test cards provided by Stripe at their testing page and everything went well.

However, when I switched to LIVE mode on Stripe side, changed both API keys, set new endpoint at webhooks and disabling test mode and logging at s2Member side and made a real trasncation with a real CC, it gave the same error: Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner.

and checking at Stripe side the logs page, I can see this:

POST /v1/subscriptions

Status 400 ERR

Response body
“error”: {
“code”: “resource_missing”,
“doc_url”: “”,
“message”: “This customer has no attached payment source or default payment method.”,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”

Request POST body
“customer”: “cus_IaLuvf5HYTZPYd”,
“items”: {
“0”: {
“plan”: “s2_plan_0089deee6dc0d9d18749b7bfd851a4a4”
“trial_from_plan”: “true”,
“metadata”: {
“tax_info”: “{“tax”:“0.00”,“tax_per”:“0%”}”
“expand”: {
“0”: “latest_invoice.payment_intent”,
“1”: “pending_setup_intent”

Now, I don’t really know how to interpret all the above, but what I can see is the TAX section, which we had and error on the account itself, which we are solving right now, but, my question is this then:

is the TAX portion the one giving error?. or the message above: “This customer has no attached payment source or default payment method.”, is also a part we should look into?.
I’m not sure where to solve that portion, or any other error that you might decipher from the above log report…

I hope I’m clear enough, or else, please let me know what or where else I should look into.

Thank you very much!.

Thanks for the update, Grabriel!

Today’s release addresses what you mention.

Please let me know if it improves it for you.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile: