Error #11586. DPRP is disabled. DPRP is disabled for this me

A customer is seeing the above error when about to make a purchase. Is this being triggered because I have additional credit cards listed in the ps field?

If I set ps=“paypal”, the customers no longer have the option of paying by credit card only right? They then will have to create a Paypal profile, where they’re asked to provide a credit card # but without indicating which credit card company this # associates with.

I’ve tried setting up the code for Stripe as well, where I see a field for a Credit or Debit card #, but there’s an inability to type the credit card # into that field.

Looking fwd to your suggestions, and thank you in advance.

I am having the same issue. I got in touch with Paypal but they have been extremely useless. I want to be able to have people log in with Paypal and sign up for an account at the same time, so I don’t want to change out of the Pro Form while I try to work this out, but…

Can I just remove this “,visa,mastercard,amex,discover,maestro,solo” in the meantime? I don’t want to screw anything up.


Hi Raissa,
I eventually got the issue fixed after spending well over an hour on the phone w/ multiple staff at Paypal who I had to repeatedly explain the situation to as each one had no idea about the error described.

Make sure you insist on speaking to a senior manager and ask that you be approved for “Reference Transactions”. Once you’re approved, you should be able to accept payment from all of those different cards, w/o the site visitor seeing the error.



Thank you SO much. I have a ticket in with PayPal’s Tech Support for merchants (after a long, frustrating day trying to talk to regular customer service), and if/when they respond to me, I’ll let them know that’s what I need. For the time being, I activated Stripe on a separate page, but it’s obviously easier to have everything all in one place.


Np at all! I wish someone would’ve responded to my original post as well. In fact, I had this same issue 3 or so yrs back, and had to disable the other credit card options to make the error disappear. I probably spent 3+hrs w/ multiple Paypal staff that first round, and they were all absolutely useless. Paypal should go out of business, and the only reason it’s still operating is crypto payments are still facing widespread regulatory and adoption hurdles (as there’s a bit of a learning curve).

Regarding Stripe, were you able to get the credit card # field to display properly where users could input the #? My Stripe form has had an ongoing issue for 3+ yrs (from shortly after I had initially tested it successfully w/ the Stripe sandbox environment). It seems there’s a Javascript issue w/ the theme that I’ve used, where the user can’t click within the credit card # field and input a number.