EOT Reminder Emails not being sent

I have been using s2Member Pro for over 7 years. Plugin is up to date.

EOT Reminder Emails have been working flawlessly. All members have an EOT of August 31, 20xx (where xx is current year). However, the EOT Reminder set for 10 days (-10) before EOT did not trigger.

All user profiles have Enable Email Reminders set to YES.

How do I track down the issue?

All other s2Member emails are being sent out (e.g. new user registrations, etc.). Only EOT Reminder emails are not being triggered. Does anyone have any clue what might be the cause?

Hi Roger.

I happen to have tested EOT emails recently, and didn’t have any issues with them…

Did you set the the EOT time at a date closer than 10 days to Aug 31st? (i.e. after Aug 21st)

Can you give me the exact steps needed to reproduce the behavior you’re experiencing? Thanks!


Thanks for getting back to me. We are a Camera Club and all memberships end on August 31st of each year, so renewal reminders are configured to go out 40 days before EOT and 10 days before EOT,

On August 25th our Membership Committee notified me that reminder emails were not being sent out, although it has worked fine for previous 6 years.

When I looked into it, everything looked OK, but I did notice that the setting for Enable s2Member’s Auto-EOT System was blank, so I reset it to Yes. Not sure if this has any bearing on the issue.

Thanks for the update, Roger.

Yes, that could have a bearing. Something in your system reset that setting, for some reason. The best guess so far is that some 3rd party plugins wipe out that cron job, but I can’t say for sure. I still haven’t been told or found a way to reproduce the behavior consistently to troubleshoot it.

You can create a test user and give it an EOT time in the future that will let you get a reminder soon, and see if they’re being sent again now. And for users that missed past reminders, you could create a new one that would go out tomorrow, for example.

Adding a mail logger could help you monitor this while troubleshooting, too. https://s2member.com/kb-article/troubleshooting-email-delivery-problems/


Thanks… I reset the EOT for one user and will see if the reminder email gets sent in the next day. I also installed an email logger a few days ago and see several emails being sent out to members for membership renewals, so no issue with email system.

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Well, resetting the setting for Enable s2Member’s Auto-EOT System to Yes seems to have resolved the issue. My test email reminder went out as expected. I will have to keep an eye on it next year around renewal time. Thx

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I’m glad that did it. Thank you for the update!