EOT Next Payment Time (NPT) not updating

After installing v230504 it appears the Next Payment Time (NPT) for a Stripe recurring subscription is not being updated.

My short code is: [s2Eot date_format=“M jS, Y, g:i a T” timezone=“America/New_York” mode=“next” /]

For testing purposes, I create a 1-day recurring subscription. When the recurring subscription is initially setup the NPT is correct, 1-day in the future. But upon the automatic renewal of the Stripe subscription the NPT does not change. It remains the same, 1-day after the initial subscription was created. The subscription does renew, and Stripe collects payment for each renewal. The information on the Stripe dashboard is also correct. The Stripe dashboard correctly identifies the next payment date upon each renewal.

Is this a bug introduced in v230504?

I had not correctly completed the upgrade to S2Member Pro v230504. This may have been the cause of what I was seeing. I have since successfully completed the upgrade. I will continue to test the EOT Next Payment Time (NPT) functionality and will update this post with the results.

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Thanks for the update.

The changes in the update should not be affecting the next payment time in s2EOT, but maybe it’s doing something unexpected. Do let me know how it goes if you continue testing.


After correctly installing v230504 I can confirm that EOT Next Payment Time (NPT) functionality is working as intended.