EOT manually changed - user gets expiration notice

I manually changed an EOT when an annual member paid by check. A couple of weeks later the default notification was sent out that his membership was expiring in 30 days. I checked the EOT and it was correctly set for 13 months later. I’m not sure if any other member EOTs are behaving this way. This is the first one I’ve seen.

Any ideas why this happened or what to do to avoid this?

Did you go to Admin Panel / All Users, and then edit that person’s profile to examine the EOT? If you accidentally wrote 2020, instead of 2021, then that would be 30 days later rather than 13 months later.

Checked and double checked. EOT is for 13 months in the future. Errant notification is some sort of residual.

So when you edit the person’s profile in Admin Panel, their S2 fields look something like this, except it says 2021?:


Eric, I’m absolutely sure when I say 2021. No question.

likely the EOT service disabled itself - happens from time to time (s2member really should set up a second service to check once per day and restore it).

Thanks but the EOT is not disabled and I’m aware that is an issue that happens. This is different. This is an expiration notification sent when there was not eminent expiration. The EOT had recently been extended manually since the member paid by check. The EOT was 13 months in the future when a 30 day notification was sent. Had the EOT not been extended, the notification would have gone out BUT it went out AFTER the EOT was extended(about two weeks after the EOT was extended).

There is something stuck as though the EOT had not been extended.