EOT currently not working

Hi Jeff!

Thank you for your patience! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.

I finally got around back to this issue and did a test. I didn’t get the 1cent behavior, though, it worked as expected for me…

I’ll send you a private message with the details.

Thanks Cristian! Yes, had a great Easter thank you, as I hope you did as well. And thanks so much for testing. It sounds like what is happening is that when a classic WP page is opened and edited with Elementor, it’s creating those curly quotes. Sounds like the fix is to create a new Options page, input the buttons, and NEVER open it in Elementor. We will test and report back. Thanks again for your time!

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Sounds good! Let me know how it goes! :smiley:

Hi Cristian,
I put up a new Options page that wasn’t opened in Elementor
Input the buttons
A person signed up today:

You have a new automatic payment profile for NAME
Hello The Lost 45s with Barry Scott,
A new automatic payment profile for Name has been created. Here’s the automatic payment profile information:
Customer name: Name
Customer email: email@email.com
Automatic payment ID: I-H1ESJ0PB6H9B
For: Monthly Dyn-o-mite / 30 days unlimited commercial free access to The Lost 45s weekly show (which you can download) and the last
Invoice number: 606f289d3f9bf~
Automatic payment details
Amount paid each time: $0.01 USD
Payments start: May 8, 2021
Next payment due: May 8, 2021
Trial Period
Trial period amount: $6.99 USD
Billing cycle: 30
Start date: Apr 8, 2021
End date: May 8, 2021

Please help. It’s still doing the 1 cent thing. He has another unhappy customer who is being charged the wrong amount.
There are about 12 of them that need to be corrected now.

Hi Jeff.

I’ll take a look now. :slight_smile:

Ì did a test live subscription at that same plan that you mention, and was able to set it up successfully, and recurring payments set at the correct $6.99. I sent you the details privately (screenshots, etc).

I tried to see the sales page you created, but the Membership Options Page is still the “be back soon” one. Could you show me the page you created so I review it and see if I notice something that may be causing the problem you’re having? Give me a link to it, or at least the ID or name, so I go to its editor.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Thanks Cristian,
The only difference I saw was that you didn’t have characters like / , ; etc. in the description area for the button, whereas my button did. So I took out any possble havock causing characters and made it more plain then reposted the buttons:
Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks Jeff.

I put your shortcodes side-by-side with mine, especially the one that matched the plan I tested. Went over each character by character, until I found the difference. After fixing that in my test, the regular amount went to the correct one instead of the deafult 1 cent you were getting.

The problem was this (highlighted to help see it):


When it should be this:


There was a curly double-quote left “closing” the regular amount value. After fixing that typo, the test worked correctly with the correct amount for the subscription.


Thank you so much for your patience Cristian!!

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No problem! I’m just glad we could get to the bottom of it. :smiley: