Dynamic links on s2member welcome page

On my s2member welcome page, I want to dynamically generate a link. For example:

the phrase

progress reports

links to:


for example, for the user janepauley

progress reports

would link to:


(see attached screenshots for a more visual explanation).

How do I do that? I vaguely remember doing it on another site 5 years ago, and I vaguely remember that I needed the ezphp plugin to do it (so I downloaded it and activated it a few minutes ago), but that was a long time ago and I’ve forgotten. Is ezphp the right path, or should I be doing something else?



Hi Matt.

Yeah, you could do it with PHP. Maybe you can try the s2Get shortcode there first.

<a href="https://krauseenglish.com/category/[s2Get user_field="user_login" /]">Progress Reports</a>

If that doesn’t work, then yeah, go the PHP way… e.g.

<?php echo '<a href="https://krauseenglish.com/category/' . get_user_field('user_login') . '">Progress Reports</a>'; ?>

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

The first option didn’t work, but the second option worked great. Thank you Cristián!


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Great! :slight_smile: