Duplicate Payments to Stripe

I have been getting duplicate payments on all memberships that use the auto renewal function on renewals only, not new signups. It shows that the card failed (which may or may not be the actual case since every renewal is showing that the card fails on one or more previous attempts), then when it does succeed, there are two transactions, one marked for the time period and dollar amount with auto renewal, and one that is marked “payment for invoice”. The one marked “payment for invoice” is the only one of the two that shows there were failed earlier attempts to process. The two payments occur within 10 seconds or less of each other

Stripe says it only records what is sent to them so they are not responsible for the duplicate.

Hi Steve.

If you haven’t yet, please enable logging so we get more details about these. WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

So the behavior is not with new signups, but with recurring payments? Or with existing users upgrading their account?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

As you suggested, I enabled logging. I now have some logs recorded but as yet we haven’t had anyone renew that fits the criteria that causes the duplication. That only applies to:
Auto-renewing members who come up for renewal and appear to have failed card attempts that get remedied and the charge becomes successful. At that time, within a few seconds, there are two charges applied to the card, one labeled as a renewal and one labeled as a payment on invoice.

I doubt that the logs would show anything yet without an instance of the issue taking place.


If you can manage to reproduce that behavior, following the steps you identified, but with a test account and subscription (can be 10 cents daily), then we can see what the logs say about it. The webhook integration with Stripe may notify s2Member about those entries you mentioned. Worth a shot.

Or you wait until the conditions are met by a customer to get that to happen again, and you look for the log entries afterwards.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile: