Dripping content on vimeo video's

I did not use dripping content before but I would like that users can see a video ONLY when they saw the previous video.
So on a page I have 5 video’s (with vimeo embed code) and I don’t want them to see the 5th video when they didn’t saw the previous video’s.

Is that possible with dripping content?
Thanks. Ph.

Hi Phillippe.

No, s2Drip wouldn’t handle that scenario, it’s based on time.

Here’s an idea: near the end of your video, give the address of the page for the following video, so they won’t know where the next one is before they get to the end. Bu of course, that means that in the second video they could skip to the end…

You’ll likely need some customization to make your videos work that way. I think you’ll need some way to have the player let you know that the user got to the end of the video.