Drip feed shortcode query for two types of subscription


I’ve asked the same question at S2member as well, but just thought that somebody might be able to help me out with a drip feed scenario.

I have set up four courses on my site. Each course gets user level 1 membership, but with individual custom capabilities.

There are two ways to buy each course via a monthly or annual subscription.

There are 33 lessons in each course and I want to drip feed 3 lessons each month, but only to the monthly subscribers.

The annual subscribers need access from day 1 to all lessons.

So what I figured is if I create additional custom capabilities for each subscription type eg “monthly” and “annual”, I might be able to set the drip feed for the monthly subscribers but annual subscribers get full access to all lessons.

I’m not really a coder so need to ask if anyone knows of a way I can adapt the drip feed shortcode to make this happen.

I’ve got this at the moment.

Principianti is the custom capability for the first course.

And the following is what would appear in the fourth lesson and something similar in all lessons after.

[s2Drip access=“level1” AND (ccap_principianti AND ccap_monthly) from_day=“30”]
my content

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If anybody has or knows of a better solution then please let me know.