Download Shortcodes?


I’m new to S2 Member and so far sorted out membership levels and worked out how to use shortcodes to add a download links, but the scenario that I’m working with at the moment makes things cumbersome to say the least doing things this way, it leaving me having to create a new shortcode to show each download as a link on the site, is there a shortcode I can add to a page that will just show a full list of all the files available in the S2 Member files folder, or do I have to do it one at a time, create a new shortcode for each file that’s available for download on the site?



Hi Holmey,

There isn’t a shortcode that lists all files available to that user… That’s an interesting idea, though. I’m adding it to my list with your vote.

A hack to achieve it, would need to get all the contents of the s2member-files directory, figure out which files the user can access, and display the list…