Download limit tracking

I love the option to set a maximum number of downloads per day/week/month for my members.

I would like to add a feature request:
Have an easy way to track the actual downloads per member and an option to edit/reset it manually if needed.

I know your to-do list is probably quite long, but can you still add this to your list?

In the meantime, where is that data hidden? in one database? Which one?

Hi Carole!

That’d be in the usermeta table. You could export your users with s2 Pro, and look for the relevant column (I believe it’s s2member_file_download_access_log)

You’ll see a weird looking line for the users that have something in that column. It’s a serialized array. To read it more easily, you’ll need to unserialize it.

If you do it from WordPress with PHP in a page, for example, you could view a user’s with something like this:

$user_id = 123;
$user_downloads = s2member_user_downloads($user_id);