Double subscriptions on Stripe

This is a different issue from:

In that case a series of failed payments leads to a single payment which is a multiple of the original amount.

In this case two subscriptions are being created for one account. It happens in the ballpark of 1% of the time. Since only one subscription can be tied to a user, the other subscription is orphaned, and just charges the user with no impact on s2member.

In at least one or two cases, the second subscription was charged against a credit card that was used in a purchase from weeks ago.

This is on version 191022

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes…I listed it as one of the side-issues I listed in the post you referred to above. See Bug2 in Stripe causing double payments

Unless your issue is yet another variant.

Thanks for taking a look at this, @onepresstech! Unfortunately, I think this issue is yet another variant of Stripe double-payment bugs :frowning: .

Bug 2 in that thread describes a situation where two payments are made for the same subscription (“processing 2 transactions for identical subscriptions with minor ID variations and ending up with a single subscription in the user’s name”).

In my situation, I am seeing two subscriptions being created with that user’s name in Stirpe, one tied to the user in s2member, and one orphaned. The user gets double charged on subscription start, and double charged again each payment period. I had to manually cancel the orphaned subscriptions to stop it from happening.

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Thanks for clarifying. We’ll add that to the growing list. I would put all these in the GitHub issue tracker but there is no issue tracker enabled for Pro only issues tracker for framework.

@clavaque - could you enable issues on Pro GitHub please? It would be much appreciated and would make the process of tracking and fixing these Stripe issues so much more manageable.

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Hi Alan.

Thanks for describing that behavior. I thought yours sounded different than the others, but now it’s clear. I would love to know how to reproduce it. Could you give me the step-by-step to do it? Can I see your shortcode for the Stripe pro-form? Could you show me All the log entries for a transaction with this behavior?

@onepresstech - We can use the Framework’s issues even if it’s a Pro feature, that’s what Jason used. I still prefer the forums better, though. Most users won’t have a GitHub account and they’ll need to create one, when they already have one here.

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Hi @clavaque sure! It just happened a week ago even though we are using the latest version with the latest experimental bug fix from Stripe causing double payments

A few questions:

  1. What logs do you need specifically? I’m not very knowledgable in this and it looks like lots of logs are generated. Do I just send the two POST /v1/subscriptions logs, or all 12 of the log files that were generated at that time (/invoiceitems, /customers, etc)?

  2. Do you have an email I can send these two rather than post publicly online?

  3. What information should I redact for customer privacy?